Is cat boarding the kindest option for your pet?

30 June 2015
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Placing your family pet in cat boarding can seem like a daunting prospect and you may worry that they'll spend their time there feeling nervous and confused. Although a change in environment can be scary for a cat, particularly without their owner around for reassurance, catteries have many tricks up their sleeves that help your cat to feel comfortable and content.

Creating home from home

Cats are creatures of habit and tend to be cautious when meeting new people or exploring new environments. In a cattery they will be surrounded by unfamiliar sights, smells and sounds and without the home comforts of sofas and blankets to reassure them. In order to help your cat feel secure and safe, a cat boarding facility may suggest that you bring some home comforts, such as the cat's bed, blankets and their favourite toys. Not only will this help the cattery to feel like a home away from home, but your cat may also be able to pick up on your scent which can help them to feel reassured in their new environment.

Meal times

Your cat is probably used to being fed at set times during the day when at home, so it's important to mimic the same routine as much as possible during their stay at a cattery. If possible, advise the cat boarding facility on your feeding schedule; if your cat likes to be fed little and often during the day they will be happy to oblige in order to make your pet feel at home.

Many catteries often ask owners to provide information on the type of food the cat usually eats. Cats can be picky eaters, and changing their diet suddenly can cause them to not want to eat at all. Advise the cattery on wet or dry food preferences, favourite treats, and even on individual cat food brands if your cat tends to be particularly fussy.

Exercise and fun

If your cat is used to roaming the whole house or exploring outside, it can seem like a big change for him to be confined to a smaller living area when staying in a cattery. However, your boarding facility is likely to have frames and platforms for you cat to climb, scratch and burn off some energy; there will be plenty to keep them stimulated during their stay.

Although he may not have human company at all times, you can expect staff at the cattery to spend a little time each day with your cat to check they're well, play a few games and provide some TLC. You don't have to worry about your cat feeling lonely or under-stimulated.

Arrange an advance visit

Cat boarding houses are usually keen for new customers to visit in advance to explore the facilities; this is a great opportunity for you to see if it's an environment your cat would enjoy and you'd be happy to leave him in. It's also a good time to discuss any special requirements your cat may have with the cattery owner or manager. If you're planning a trip away and are looking for the perfect cattery, take a look around a few facilities until you find the right one; it will give you peace of mind that your feline will be in good hands during their stay.

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